Friday, September 9, 2016


Early Autumn Morning

Yardley hops carefully from her favorite sleeping spot. The air is crisp and clear. It is too warm for frost yet. She knows that  it will be very hot in the afternoon.

The sun is just peaking over the privacy fence near her favorite hiding spot. She sleeps beneath the boxwood bush. It's lowest branches brush the earth and makes a nice place, protected from marauding creatures of the night. It is now tangled with bright yellow grape vines. Some bird thought it would be a nice joke to plant in the yard.

Yardley is a town rabbit.  She is wild; make no mistake about that. But Yardley has learned to adapt to the people who live in the small town.  She really knows no other way of life.

Yardley is waiting for her friend. A small poodle named Jay. He pretends to bark and growl like he is protecting his home. Yardley knows he is just lonely so she doesn’t run when he comes. She simply sits like a furry bunny statue until he calms down or another animal such as one of  the very nervous Nutz Family (they are squirrels) appears to tease him.    That sets Jay off again.

This morning Yardley is very quiet and patient. Her friend will be here soon. In the meantime there is a nice breakfast of white clover and tiny lawn flowers to keep her busy.

by Linda L Martin
Original Watercolor  Embellished with Acrylic Accents
5 by 7 inches
Found on Etsy:
Copyright not sold with item

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