Thursday, September 8, 2016

Patience and Vic

Deciding To Become Friends

"Well, Donkeys like to have friends, too, I guess", Patience stated. Her long ears seeming heavy in the humid air. " We like to play too" She added  " But not on days like this."

The air was thick and for lessor animals it was hard to breath. The sun was blazing in the southern heat.
Patience took a step and then stopped.

" Even the mice in the tall grass didn't seem to want to move out of the way because it is so hot." she said.

Vic's cat ears just perked right up at the word 'mice'.

" I think we could have a really good friendship," Vick insisted. " You could stir up the mice for me as you graze and I could clean your ears for you and scratch your itches in the evening."

Patience rather like the idea of an good itch scratch at the end of the day. " You wouldn't use your claws would you?"

"Well not on purpose. But if you had a particularly bad itch, I would be glad to bring them out. Gently of course." Vick insisted.

" That would be alright too" Patience agreed. " I think we can be friends."

"Me too!"Vic purred. "And I must say you do make a very good shade when there are no trees around."

"Oh thank you, Vic, I do. And I am happy to do so." Patience snorted happily.  " It is nice to have you as a friend.

"You too, Patience."

And the two of them wandered off to find a cool shady spot until evening.

“Patience and Vic”
by Linda L Martin
Graphite on Paper
11 by 8.5 inches
Found on Etsy:
Copyright not sold with item

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